For when sitting becomes fatiguing

By Catherine Orda | Photo by Gerrie van der Walt/Unsplash

The odd thing about air travel is that it forces you into a state of prolonged stagnation that doesn’t leave you a whole lot of options in order to stave off either panic or boredom. All you can really do to curb your restlessness is to sit and remain doing so for a good number of hours. Perhaps it depends on the kind of traveler you are, but sitting for a number of hours in a cramped space thousands of feet high is somewhat like a form of confinement that can leave a lot of people feeling sluggish, nauseated, or even stressed. It can also negatively affect blood flow. Here’s a rundown of some inflight stretches you might want to try out the next time you travel:



The best way to ensure proper blood circulation (especially in your lower back) is to twist your body. You can do this by planting both feet on the floor and extending your left arm to touch your right knee until you feel the slightest crack. Repeat this using your right arm. Don’t forget to include your head and neck in the twist in order to get the most out of the stretch.


Neck and Shoulder Stretches

Try these easy stretches that can soothe neck and shoulder pains.


Hug Yourself

This is perfect for alleviating both stress and upper back discomfort. Wrap your arms around your body and squeeze. While doing so, make sure your fingertips touch your shoulder blades. From there, you can also stretch your neck by tilting it to either side so that your ears touch your shoulders. Get the most out of this exercise by doing two versions of it—one with each arm on top.

Feet Work

Avoid that numb feeling in your feet by regularly moving it in 30-second spurts.


Lining Up

Waiting in line for lavatory use is a great chance to address leg aches. Grab each elbow with the opposite hand, fold over the waist, and let the rest of your muscles relax. Hold this position for as long as you can.

Avoid Blood Clots

Preventing these serious clots could be done by simply walking, standing, or doing easy ankle stretches

Plane Yoga

It is possible to do yoga even in the confines of an airplane. This simple sequence is best for destressing and relieving back stiffness


Fully Body Two-Step Stretch

This exercise is for when your whole body is feeling numb and fatigued. First step: Reach behind you with both arms until your hands meet. Interlace your fingers and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then, lift your chest carefully and then bend over as far as you can. The second step is to simply get up and walk. If you’re not sure what route to follow, try heading for the cart and ask for some water—you should be drinking more water than you think when you’re up in the air.

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