Despite your increasing age, you can still maintain or even increase your performance at a high-level by following these routines

By Klyde Manansala | Photo by Quino Al/ Unsplash

If you’re an athlete in your 40s to mid-50s or even older, your body may be telling you that your prime days are over. But as an athlete, no matter what your sport is, the satisfaction of pushing yourself to the limits and the desire of achieving more is something age cannot take away from you. So how exactly can you still improve? Here are three simple solutions you can follow to keep your efficiency at a high level.

Understanding Your Body

No one is better than noticing the changes happening in your body other than yourself. Any pain, injury, or health issue you begin to feel should be acted upon straightaway as this may affect and limit your overall performance. With these changes addressed as early as possible, you can still effectively make necessary adjustments that will keep you on the right track. Remember, ignorance is voluntary misfortune.

Strength Training Is the Remedy

Even veteran athletes lose efficiency as they get older, but they maintain their VO2 max—a measure of endurance—on a high level not by focusing on their hearts and lungs but by strengthening their muscles. Changes in muscle properties are the main reason why you’re slowing down. And to cope with the increasing demands of your sport, do strength training to help maintain or increase efficiency and sprint power.

Recovery Phase

Strengthening your muscles doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work out throughout the entire week. As performance gradually declines, your aging body will eventually need a recovery process more than you used to when you were younger. There are two ways to recover properly from an exhausting workout: sleeping and keeping track of your nutrition. Sleeping is a recovery strategy that restores energy and adapts to the activities your body underwent such as your fitness routines. On the other hand, the kind and amount of nutrition you should take depends on what diet works for you.

Keep in mind that you are just slowing down, not your potential to go do the sport you love longer. As long as you find ways to level up your game, nothing can or should stop you, not even your increasing age.

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