Exercising attention to detail, comfort, and support is the hallmark of Mizuno’s new running shoes

For all their crazy colorways, Mizuno’s new running shoes, the Wave Catalyst 2 and Wave Shadow, are serious contenders in the performance department.

Launched last week in line with its Squad Run: Road to 42km, a three-month series of weekend runs that trains runners to eventually participate in a marathon with the help of seasoned coaches, the Wave Catalyst 2 and Wave Shadow both have the capacity to turn any runner into, well, better and stronger runners.

Wave Catalyst 2

The Wave Catalyst 2 is a responsive performance support trainer that aims to keep up with runners who do fast training on a daily basis. It’s been redesigned to transform into a true performance shoe. The result is a lowered offset at 10mm without sacrificing the sole design, which remains the same as its predecessor with the U4ic midsole material offering more bounce and durability. The upper area, compared to the previous Catalyst, has been made into a lightweight and highly breathable engineered mesh with the Run Bird logo arch support and soft PU printed overlays straight from the Bio-mimicry concept, which are strategically placed to form the shoe around the arch and heel. It also has a softer collar that lets the ankle area feel more free.

Wave Shadow

The Wave Shadow meanwhile is a new lightweight, highly responsive, and cushioned pair enough to keep the runner going fast but suitable enough for neutral foot types. The sole offers a blend of speed and comfort; the 8-mm heel drop gives the user that “low-to- ground” feel of a racing shoe while the cushioned supportive midsole provides a running shoe-like comfort. Its internal toe cap with a one-piece mesh upper construction provides a seamless fit.

Whatever the choice though, both pairs nod to and reflect the same narrative: these beautifully rendered performance shoes allow runners to reach new territory.

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