Samsung officially launches the new Galaxy Watch in the Philippines

Photo courtesy of Samsung

The Galaxy Watch brings the best of the Galaxy ecosystem with long-lasting battery life, wellness capabilities, and a timeless and personalized design. Here, we present the primary reasons you should consider purchasing one. 


1. Stay connected any time of the day

The Galaxy Watch’s improved battery life of up to 80+ hours eliminates the need for daily charging and helps consumers keep up with their busy week. Users can also start and end their day with morning and evening briefings to help stay on top of reminders, weather, and their schedule.


2. Live a balanced life

Designed with wellness in mind, the Galaxy Watch offers a true holistic health experience with its new stress management tracker, which automatically detects high levels of stress and offers breathing exercises to help keep users centered and focused. In addition, a new advanced sleep tracker monitors all levels of sleep, including REM cycles, to help users adjust sleeping habits and get the rest they need to take on their day.

With sleep and stress under control, Galaxy Watch also helps users achieve other health and wellness goals, including fitness. It has 21 new indoor exercises, tracking a total of 39 workouts that allow consumers to customize and change up their routines. 

3. Flaunt a stylish and timeless design

The Galaxy Watch caters to more sizes and styles with a silver, 46mm version and 42mm option in rose gold. Users can customize the watch even more with a selection of watch faces and straps. It also carries the legacy of Samsung’s smartwatches with its trademark circular, rotating bezel while embracing the digital look with an Always On Display, in addition to improved usability. For the first time, Galaxy Watch features analog watch ticks and hourly chimes, and a depth effect that casts shadows defining every detail on the watch face for a traditional look and feel. 


4. Experience the best of the Galaxy ecosystem

The Galaxy Watch brings users all the benefits from the Galaxy Ecosystem to create a seamless experience. Samsung makes music and multimedia control even easier on Galaxy Watch with Spotify allowing users to listen to songs offline or without a smartphone with Spotify Offline mode in addition to keeping information secure with Samsung Knox.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch will be available on Sept. 14 and will come in 46mm in silver and 42mm in rose gold, with a suggested retail price of P16,990 and P15,990, respectively. 

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