There are simple ways to burn calories just as effectively as your usual cardio

By Klyde Manansala | Photos by Lubo Mirkin, Element 5, Ev Style,Anaya Katlego, and Maria Fernanda Gonzales/Unsplash

You can reap plenty of benefits when doing cardio workouts. They increase the strength of your heart, lungs, and they can improve your overall endurance, too. There are also researches that claim cardiovascular exercises can boost your mood and protect your brain from the effects of aging. But there are also a lot of exercises that can help you burn the same amount of calories more than just running for hours on a treadmill:


Jumping Rope (748 calories/hour)

Corey Calliet, a celebrity trainer, says that people who just started working out should begin first with jumping ropes if they’re a little intimated or overwhelmed. “Jumping rope is honestly one of the best things you can do. If you can’t jump rope and you have to do it like you used to when you were playing hopscotch, I still suggest you try it. It’s a fun exercise, and it’s also a conditioning exercise that I do with all my boxers.”


Stair Sprints (952 calories/hour)

Aside from boosting your VO2 max, you can shed weight effectively by just sprinting up the stairs. In just 20 minutes, you can burn 429 calories—the same fats that you could burn in an hour of low-impact aerobics.

Burpees (563 calories/hour) 

This type of workout requires no equipment, which makes it fitting for people aiming to burn calories effectively. Scientific studies say that you can burn eight to 14 calories a minute when doing high-intensity interval training. Meaning, if you do burpees in the course of an hour, you can burn about 563 calories immediately.


Gardening (300-600 calories/hour)

Yes, you read that right. Even when digging in your garden, be it planting, composting, spading, tiling, or weeding, you can potentially burn over 300 calories in the course of an hour. Based on a research, just by pushing the mower, you can already burn up to 300 calories or more and tasks that are simple as digging, tilting, and planting can also help you burn about 200 calories in less than an hour. While doing all of this, every major muscle group in your body is operating. Simply put, gardening will make you move from one place to another: If you’re removing a plant, you will have to squat. Lifting the soil or pushing something will make your arms work immensely—you just don’t realize it, but you are actually making a full body workout while also connecting yourself to the nature.


Kettlebell Workout (544 calories/hour)

Kettlebells are known as a time-saving, calorie-burner workout. In a study by the American Council on Exercise, it was found that an average person burns 400 calories in just 20 minutes of exercises. But an hour of kettlebell exercises with brisk intensity can burn up to 544 calories.

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