Trying these new fitness activities could be intimidating, but they guarantee results worth sweating out for

By Klyde Manansala | Photo by David Marcu/Unsplash

The best thing about the new year is that it’s always an indication of, well, something new. You’ve probably got this long list of plans and desires for 2019—visit your dream country, start your own business, or reconnect with old friends. And if you are that person who’s always yearning for new adventures, we’ve scoured the fitness calendars for the best new events you can join in and out of the country this year:


Spartan Race

Where and when: Cavite, Vermosa (Jan. 19), Batangas (May 4), Cebu (Jul. 6), Alviera, Pampanga (Oct. 26)

Obstacle course racing isn’t just about having a strong body, it also requires mental toughness. Otherwise, you would find it hard mounting a wall or crawling under barbed wires with your face and body covered in mud. Spartan race consists of three main race types: the Sprint, where your quickness is put to the test through a five-kilometer race circuit loaded with more than 20 obstacles; the Super, which will challenge to overcome 25 obstacles in 13 kilometers; and the Beast, which is the longest and most difficult race with 35 obstacles in the over 20-kilometer circuit.


Trail Running

Where and when:  Mt. Pinatubo, Batolan, Zambales (Feb. 3), San Mateo, Rizal (Jan. 22), Cordillera (Mar. 9-10)

A story published by Quartz claims that to be fully healthy, one must not simply hit the gym—experiencing environmental distress is also important in reaping a number of health benefits. The uneven terrain is what makes it so much more challenging than running on the road. Whether you’re going uphill or downhill, this fitness activity will surely provide you better leg strength, coordination, agility, and balance.



Where and when: Hong Kong (Mar. 3-4)

Returning for its sixth edition, the well-known health and wellness event in Hong Kong will feature some of the best yoga and fitness instructors like Utah Lee, Rosemary Vandenbroucke, and Victor Chau as the packed event promises the participants to learn new yoga movements. Iris will further spice things up with live performances and sessions with motivational speakers. Healthy snacks, latest fitness gears, natural beauty and aromatherapy products will also be available in the Nursery Park where the event takes place yearly.


High Intensity Interval Skipping (HIIS)

HIIS is just like high intensity interval training (HIIT) as both are designed to make you sweat a lot in a short span of time. The only difference is that HIIS exercise involves short and sharp bursts of skipping, a workout that uses your abdomen to stabilize your legs for jumping and and shoulder and arms for turning the rope. HIIS has yet to become a trend here in the Philippines, but as experts believe that people are getting busier than ever, shorter time of classes and workout is expected to be a trend this year.



Where and when: Thailand (Dec. 12-16)

Wonderfruit is like Asia’s Coachella, but the entire four-day event doesn’t only celebrate music and culture; one of its goals is to also promote wellness of oneself and the environment by incorporating mountain biking, yoga, dance, and meditation classes.  Just last year, Wonderfruit also had physical and mental training activities such as sound meditation, acroyoga, pranamaya, and many more in what they call the Wonder Garden.

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