They say “the one” might just be around the corner… or maybe in your next spin class session

By Nicole Ganglani | Lead photo by inspiredhorizonsdigitalmarketing/Unsplash

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re single and wondering why you don’t have that special someone to share the occasion with, you’re probably just waiting to meet “the one.” It’s not easy to meet people these days though, especially if you’re not the type to use dating applications or go to bars on a Saturday night.

What if we told you that “the one” could just be attending the same workout class as you? It may not be as magical as how you see it in movies, but working out and meeting new people could be the ultimate recipe in finding your soulmate. Looking for fitness classes to meet people? Here are five of the best to go to:



Crossfit has gained a lot of popularity over the years and it’s one of the most prominent mixed modal training workout in the country. Due to its popularity, it won’t be hard to find a CrossFit studio around town where you’ll meet people who are just as determined and powerful as your appetite for intense workouts. These are the ones that like to go all out to slay their assigned Workout Of the Day (WOD) and set aside time for socializing with fellow personalities in their box.



Spinning or indoor cycling has become the workout that everyone aims to try at least once to get a feel of the class. It’s for anyone who enjoys high intensity cardio  on a stationary bike. Expect to meet energetic and strong people who are fond of doing full body workouts amid a backdrop of pounding music on a regular basis. Did we mention that spinning’s competitive aspect also makes it an even more enticing class?


Plana Forma

Some people prefer going to workout classes that offer everything in one class like Plana Forma—a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet. This is a class where you can meet people versatile enough to do all three workouts and those who like balance and flexibility in their routines.



Mr. or Ms. right could be the one sitting next to you on the mat. Yoga class is the most ideal spiritual and physical exercise where you’re most likely going to meet people who enjoy finding inner peace. While it’s true that yoga classes tend to be more individual and in-the-zone, wouldn’t it be great to find someone who prefers the calm, introspection an enlightening workout like this can bring?



Pretty Huge Obstacles

Pretty Huge Obstacles is the largest and only indoor obstacle course in Asia. If you’re into obstacle courses, it’s the perfect place to meet people who like to push themselves beyond their limits both mentally and physically and those who don’t mind a challenge or even falling down. Note that this is the only huge obstacle course in Asia so you’re bound to meet people from different countries as well.

The nice thing about attending group workout classes is that not only do you get to exercise but also meet people with similar interests as you. They say you’ll eventually find the one unexpectedly at the right place and the right time, but while you don’t normally go to fitness classes to find love, the difference between going on dates and meeting people at workout classes is that people are usually more relaxed and aren’t too concerned with looks.

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