Because some of the best basketball movies and documentaries are now on Netflix

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo by /Unsplash

There’s just something about watching sports movies and documentaries that not only inspires us but also helps us pick up a thing or two about the game. Besides watching basketball games, these movies and documentaries also offer insights and inside scoop about the game.  And with the availability of Netflix, these stories are easily just a click away. If you’re wondering what those are, here is a list of six quality basketball movies and documentaries to check out on Netflix.

Amateur (2018)

Talent and hard work alone just won’t cut it to get into NBA. It takes having someone to know the system and connections to get in the big leagues. Go on a journey with 14-year-old Terron Forte as he navigates his way into the under-the-table world of amateur basketball.

The Carter Effect (2017)

 Nineties kids are well aware of who Vince Carter is and what he brought to the game. Besides all his classic bonker dunks, Vinsanity was also a trailblazer of Canada’s first team in the NBA. The documentary features the story of the eight-time All-Star player and in-depth look at his impact on the Canadian basketball scene and pop culture.

Coach Carter (2005)

 Coach Carter will always be ranked as one of the classic basketball movies to ever be created. It teaches life lessons and values anyone will need in order to succeed on and off the court. Inspired by a true story, Coach Carter disciplines his players to prioritize their academics before basketball while at the same time training the team to become the best in their division.

High Flying Bird (2019)

Ever wondered how basketball agents work behind the scenes and around the game? High Flying Bird is about sports agent Ray Burke who attempts to save his players’ career and destroy the power structure of the NBA during a tragic lockout.

Iverson (2014) 

A documentary chronicling the life of the Answer and his rocky basketball career. The unfiltered film takes us into his rookie days and how he imprinted his legacy as one of the best point guards of all time.

 At All Cost (2016)

As the Amateur Athletic Union stakes increase, so does finding the next Lebron James or Derrick Rose. At All Cost dives headfirst into the high-stakes world of amateur basketball and how it has professionalized youth basketball in the United States.