With the tagline “build the body you love,” Plana Forma focuses on practicing the barre technique

By Nicole Ganglani | Photos by Keith Rodriguez

Working out your core is cool and all but have you ever had to do this intensely for 55 minutes straight with no break whatsoever? A workout like this actually exists and it’s called Plana Forma.

With the tagline “build the body you love,” Plana Forma focuses on practicing the barre technique, a method that makes use of classical ballet barre. With the power of your body’s weight as resistance, the workout gives you 55 minutes of sweat, more sweat, and excruciating pain.

I got the opportunity to try this workout on a warm Saturday afternoon in Plana Forma’s newest branch at Molito, Alabang. While on the way to the venue, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

One of the many stretches at the start of the workout

The workout began with simple warm-up stretches that got my body ready for the powerful set of exercises ahead. As the routine went on, the basic barre techniques were then executed—push ups, planks, some pilates moves, two-pulse curtsy hover plus kick, single leg squat plus donkey kick, arabesque leg magic circles, flat back half rainbows, sit ups, and crunches.

One of the many beginner barre techniques 

As predictable as it sounds, having to consistently do these exercises in a span of seconds is what made the workout a challenge. It’s a test that pushes you to your limit while at the same time delivering quick results. Not only does Plana Forma burn hundreds of calories, it’s also a great way to tone your muscles.

Plana Forma instructor Van Manalo led the class in last Saturday’s workout

Each barre movement tones a corresponding muscle in the body, which is something you don’t really get from lifting weights or doing a simple cardio workout. I can attest that Plana Forma tested my endurance and ability to cope with the high-intensity movements—which resulted to a challenging yet satisfying Saturday workout session despite the severe pain I felt on my abdomen and joints right after.

Ultimately, Plana Forma is a full-body workout that I highly recommend. It improves your metabolic rate and helps you get leaner muscles. Yes, you can expect a lot of pain from it but that’s what makes the workout special because you know you’re in it to get stronger.

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