With a long-term goal to generate less plastic waste, Adidas releases the Futurecraft Loop

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from Adidas

Adidas is getting a headstart on their plan to start using recycled plastic by 2024 with the latest running shoe, Futurecraft Loop.

Made of 100 percent recyclable materials, the shoe is designed with thermoplastic polyurethane. The single plastic material covers the whole sneaker including its tongue, laces, upper, and even has the Boost cushioning. The Loop is made out of a manufactured model where raw materials from the shoe can be ground up and used again to make another pair. It’s also constructed without any glue, which is a factor that allows this particular model to be recycled completely.

The idea behind the 100 percent recyclable sneaker is that it can be worn, processed, shredded, and then reborn into another shoe. “When you wear out this product, you give it back to us. And we recycle it,” told Tanyaradzwa Sahanga, Adidas materials engineer, to Fast Company. “We can take that recycled output, those ground bits of shoe, and put them into new shoes again.”

Last year, Adidas had pledged to create more sustainable footwear and even partnered with environmental organization Parley for the Oceans to turn plastic harvested from oceans into materials for constructing sneakers.

Unfortunately, only 200 pairs of the Loop will be given out to a select group of runners for testing. The recycled shoe will make its official debut in the first half of 2021.

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