The Avengers star fuels his day with an ample amount of carbs, protein and healthy fats

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from Pinterest

The key to a healthy meal is a balance of protein, a mix of starchy and fresh vegetables, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. It’s not about lessening your food intake but eating in moderation and the appropriate food at the right time. Take it from Australian actor and Thunder God himself Chris Hemsworth.

Hemsworth’s physique wasn’t simply built from all the hours he spends in the gym (as you can see on his Instagram). It’s also a result of what he puts on his plate every day that makes the difference.

According to Men’s Health Australlia who spoke to Hemsworth’s nutritionist Sergio Parera, the actor’s secret when it comes to his meals is making sure he gets enough of everything to satiate his hunger throughout the day. By everything, this means the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, and protein to sustain his energy and daily routine.

Wondering what his daily meals look like? Here’s what Hemsworth’s nutritionist revealed to Men’s Health Australia.

Pre- and post-workout

Hemsworth’s pre-workout meal is a green shake or a bowl of yogurt and berries. These are known to increase blood flow and reduce muscle inflammation especially after an intense workout. The actor also enjoys a concoction of branched-chain amino acids and vitamin C in water or in vegetable-based protein shakes. He follows this up with a meal high in protein like healthy chicken breast and fish along with a pinch of complex carbohydrates



According to Parera, Hemsworth’s breakfast can either be “a green shake with partially cooked and raw vegetables, fats, low glycemic fruits and seeds, or a plate of poached or fried eggs on grain toast.”



Parera says that if Hemsworth’s goal is to build muscle, he adds small amounts of grains like steamed rice, potato, and an equal serving of breads and oats. For lunch, the actor eats a salad of roasted and raw vegetables together with pieces of lean beef, chicken or lamb. Lunch is the time when the body refuels itself, which is why consuming macronutrients like carbohydrates and protein are important to rebuild muscle and energy.



Hemsworth avoids grains at night “unless he trains later in the day.” Avoiding grains and junk like white bread, refined pasta, and sugary snacks prevents blood glucose levels from shooting up as this happens when you’re asleep. Instead, the Aussie loads up more on fish, cruciferous vegetables, and healthy fats.

As seen in Hemsowrth’s meal plan, the importance of selecting the right food is essential in order to attain significant results for your body. Muscle is not just built in the gym but also in the kitchen and while you’re sleeping. Suffice it to say that proper nutrition, the right workout plan and sleep are the keys to building a body like Thor.

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