Because a vacation doesn’t necessarily have to be far from home

By Nicole Ganglani | Lead photo from Sambali Beach Farm

As someone who likes to travel a lot, I always look forward to adventures. These days, a quick vacation for me doesn’t necessarily involve a plane. An ideal getaway could simply be a road trip outside Manila to take a breather from my everyday routine. And this is made easier thanks to the growing community of Airbnbs around the Philippines.

Aside from spending on hotels, Airbnbs offer a wider selection of property types—from beachfront houses and yachts to budget rooms and suites, and even a castle. Airbnb is arguably the biggest player in the vacation rental game because we get to choose the ideal price, type of property, and amenities we want. So if you’re looking for Airbnbs for a quick getaway, here are some of our favorites:


Botolan, Zambales
Sambali Beach Farm (P20,000 per night)

The Sambali Beach Farm is a city house constructed with a native “sawali” material and Philippine hardwood. The beach house that can accommodate 16 or more guests is surrounded by an all-natural farm on the sandy shores of Zambales. It’s perfect for eco-tourists, environmental advocates, or those who want to relax around nature.

Living room - comfortably seats 18 people


Paco, Manila
Coco’s Garden Guest Room Manila (P2,807 per night)

In a quiet corner of Paco District Manila lies a charming vintage home outside the busy streets of Manila. The heritage villa features a library and is an ideal place to unwind without leaving the city.


Lian, Batangas
Beach Front Villa 2 (P2,900 per night)

Batangas is home to a number of beautiful beaches. At this Airbnb, aside from the easy to access one of its beaches, you can tour the Koala Reserve (Mangrove Boardwalk), go snorkeling, fishing, and island hopping. The space also offers a beautiful beach view and a hammock perfect for relaxing with the calming sound of the waves.


Amadeo, Tagaytay
Rustic Boho Chalet (P8,000 per night)

What I like about Tagaytay is that it’s not too far away and it’s a place where I can do a  lot in a single day. Located in the heart of Amadeo, this cozy space is perfect for a weekend with family or friends as it can house 20 or more guests. The place has access to a swimming pool, karaoke, cable TV, video games and more.


Nasugbu, Batangas
Cozy Greek Style Home Tali Beach (P16,500 per night)

This Greek-themed home is located on the main road of Tali Beach in Nasugbu and houses a maximum of 13 people. The three-bedroom space also comes with a big pool and a roof deck with a delicate view. I would say that this place works best for a beach trip and is spacious enough to fit you and your group of friends.


Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic
Subic Green Tree House (P2,500 per night)

Dubbed as the perfect place for a romantic getaway, this Subic Bay Freeport tree house will get you to enjoy the peace and quiet outside the city. It’s a place for two people who appreciate the outdoors where they can stargaze and enjoy the serenity of nature.


Tagaytay, Cavite
Overlooking Forest Cabin (P3,450)

This off-the-grid cabin space is located in a uniquely secluded area of Tagaytay that lies close to the city center. The cabin houses a maximum of six guests in a cozy and peaceful home. It overlooks the magnificent views of the lake and the virgin forest upfront and offers a wide outdoor space.

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