Know more about Oakley’s very own coldfuse, apparition, and chrystl sunglasses

By Nicole Ganglani | Photos by Jonas Timbreza and courtesy of Oakley | Art by Tricia Guevara

In the past, we’ve written about the importance of wearing sunglasses often especially when it comes to outdoor sports. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses is probably the best way to protect your eyes and prevent risk of vision loss or eye cancer. Not to mention, wearing the right sunglasses helps combat migraines and saves you from a number of sun-related eye problems. That’s why high-performance brands like Oakley always make it a point to enhance their eyewear essentials.

The brand’s newest sun and optical lifestyle glasses collection, the Ahyris, is made with a single design element that redefines eyewear construction and promotes unique mechanical function. The name Ahy-Ris finds its source in the collection’s inspiration: the iris of the eye, the window of the soul. The collection is known for its singular design element that delivers a distinct mechanical function for connecting a center frame and temples together for a distinct look.



Coldfuse uses a single element design that binds 24 components together—creating a progressive and aesthetic eyewear.  It’s made to be anything but ordinary and is known to bring out confidence and self-expression.



The Apparition comes with a lightweight front combined with stainless steel features designed for both sports and casual use. It creates a universally flattering silhouette with a single element that connects the center frame and temples.



The Chrystl is made to have a sophisticated and rimless look as the lens becomes the frame. It uses a single design element that connects the frame and temples together along with a rollbar that adds both style and function. The sunglasses also has adjustable nose pads that give utilizes a customizable option for the frame.

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