Lio Beach’s 3.8-kilometer trail loop is perfect for trail rookies

By Nicole Ganglani | Photos by Samantha Ong

In observance of International Coastal Clean-up Day this year, Lio Beach hosted its annual shoreline cleanup event for the fourth consecutive year on Sept. 21 in El Nido, Palawan. Part of this year’s festivities was the soft opening of Lio Beach’s very own eco-forest trail and its panoramic view deck.

Located across Lio Beach’s Dalimatan Gate, the 3.8 kilometer trail loop (1.9-kilometer ascent and descent) is perfect for trail rookies. There’s a common misconception about trail running being physically demanding and dangerous, but what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s also a great way to get to know a beach town better—the 30- to 40-minute leisure walk through the roots, rocks, and hills of the Lio trail forest is a great example.

The route of the trail forest heads towards the view deck at 82 meters above sea level. This is the best place to catch the sunrise or sunset in Bacuit Bay along with views of Cadlao Island. In addition, trekkers will get the chance to spot ipil trees, squirrels, and the Palawan Hornbill and Frogmouth (two animals only found in the city) as they climb the trail. This is one of the few activities in Lio Beach that gives you the experience to catch a glimpse of what the place has to offer and appreciate nature while they’re at it.

What makes outdoor activities like trail running special is that you get the opportunity to be around nature. Running through the forest of Lio Beach is the perfect way to unwind while working out the body. Not only is the activity an ideal way to take a mental break but it also pushes you to go beyond you limits especially if it means conquering the slippery and rocky grounds of the eco-trail. That’s the beautiful thing about outdoor pursuits like trail running. It’s less about performance and more about the kind of  adventure you can get out of it.

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