Polarized sunglasses are best used for outdoor activities like winter, sand, and water sports

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from Oakley

Before getting into the technicalities of polarized sunglasses, let’s first look at the basics. Polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce glare from flat surfaces like water, roads, and glass. This is the glare that is reflected to you as the sun hits a solid surface—which could be tremendously dangerous and annoying for your immediate vision.

Polarized sunglasses can protect you from glare as these lenses are made with polarized film that blocks reflected light. This chemical filter then allows you to see with more clarity, depth, and color as well as improve comfort. Polarized sunglasses are also made to address eye strain and fatigue and are vital in sports.


The benefits in sports

Polarized sunglasses are best used for winter (ice hockey and skating) sand (beach volleyball), and water (surfing and rowing) sports because these are sports that require heightened level of eye protection.Performance-boosting brands like Oakley for example, produces its own polarized prizm lenses to enhance the color of the environment and make details sharper and more vivid to increase visual comfort. For instance, wearing polarized sunglasses in autocross blocks the reflective light of the sun while still allowing a clear view of the obstacle course—an important requirement for every driver. 

Oakley marketing manager Louren Lacanlale says that the materials used in their polarized sunglasses are game-changing. “Plutonite lens is shatterproof, has high impact protection, and is very lightweight.”

“Plutonite lens is shatterproof, has high impact protection, and is very lightweight”

Choosing the right polarized sunglasses

When buying polarized sunglasses, it’s important to consider the shape of the frame (how it covers your eyes) and the color of the lens. This is because with sports like golf and baseball, you need yellow and amber tints in order to reduce the impact of the blue light from the sky. Meanwhile, brown- and copper-tinted sunglasses are best for autocross sports since it provides visual clarity. But ultimately, the right polarized sunglasses are the ones equipped with high-quality polarized film.


Are polarized sunglasses worth the extra money?

Aside from sports, Lacanlale says that polarized sunglasses are also ideal for activities like going to the beach. One thing to remember though is that this type of sunglasses don’t work as well when it comes to viewing LCD screens because it reduces the screen’s visibility. But if you’re looking for a pair that reduces glare, provides clearer vision and better color perception, and prevents eye fatigue, then it’s best to consider buying polarized lenses.

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