Because the key to a healthy lifestyle starts with the food you eat

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from The Sexy Chef PH

Food delivery services will always be appealing and convenient. For starters, if you know which services to avail, it can save a lot of time, effort, and money. It also saves you from the temptation of settling for junk. 

As we mentioned last time, the number of food delivery services in the country have continued to grow, and so we’ve decided to update our reliable list. Here are some of the best food delivery services that offer healthier alternatives to regular everyday food.


The Six Pack Chef

The Six Pack Chef specializes in “scientifically designed, precisely calculated, and professionally prepared gourmet meals. If you’re looking out for your daily calorie intake or just want to eat cleaner, its team of registered nutritionists will customize a meal plan for you. Meals vary from high-protein, low-carb to low-fat, high-protein choices.Their seven-day package starts at P750 per day.

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Eating healthy and dieting for results has never been this easy! 1. Choose your Dates. With The Six Pack Chef, you can choose to start and/or end on any day of the week. Diets don’t have to start on Mondays and end on Fridays. 2. Choose your preferred diet type and calorie package. Depending on your goals, diet, and food preferences, we have the perfect meal plan for you. 3. Customize your order. Have food allergies or food items you don’t like? You can fully customize and restrict items down to the last ingredients we use in our kitchen through our comprehensive food restrictions option. 4. Choose your delivery schedule. You can have it delivered the day before or on the day itself depending on your most convenient schedule. 5. Pay for your order through online banking, credit card, or have us collect your payment whichever works for you best! 6. Receive scientifically designed, precisely calculated, and professionally prepared gourmet diet meals every day. Yes, it’s that easy! Use the promo code FIRSTORDER to get P500 off your very first order with us. Visit our website to learn more: or call us at 0917-304-2854.

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Harvest Philippines

Harvest Philippines offers both calorie-counted meals and its own comfort food menu. The meals are high-protein and gluten-free, ranging from 1,200 to 1,250 calories per day with its comfort food menu consisting of homemade bento meals like pork steak, chicken teriyaki, and stir-fried vegetables. Harvest also serves a la carte snacks such as homemade siomai and chicken empanada. You can avail the calorie-counted menu (inclusive of three meals) for P500 a day for the comfort food menu for P300 a day. 


The Sexy Chef

The Sexy Chef offers a variety of meal choices from vegan, nutrient-dense, gluten-free, and keto-friendly packages. The brand is also well known for guilt-free desserts specifically the vegan-friendly chocolate chunk cookies and soft serve ice cream. Its five-day packages start at P2,235 (which includes breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner).



Delicious Diet

Delicious Diet PH offers balanced, high-protein, keto-friendly gourmet meals. Like the other food delivery services listed here, Delicious Diet comes up with different menus every week and serves food similar to what you can get in restaurants—but making sure that meals stay within your calorie limit. Meals start at P1,800 (1,200 calories), P2,100 (1,500 calories), and P2,400 (1,800 calories) for five days. 


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