The best alarm tones to wake up to are voice, instrumental, and composition sounds

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo by Roman Synkevych/Unsplash

If you depend on your alarm clock to wake up every morning for work or to get a workout in, research suggests that your alarm tone should be a melodic one. Melodic or harmonic alarm tones help reduce morning grogginess because the rhythm of the beats boost your alertness as compared to any loud single note alarms.

Researchers from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia examined 50 participants, asking them to answer a questionnaire about the type of alarm they wake up to daily and what they feel throughout the day. Majority of the responses revealed that people who use a more harmonious alarm wake up more quickly and are more energetic as opposed to those who use blaring alarms. The research also proved that waking up more energetic also affects your performance in sports and fitness.

If you prefer working out in the morning, it’s best to wake up to a soothing alarm tone because your performance is gradually affected by your alarm tone at least 30 minutes to four hours after you wake up. Moreover, the best alarm tones to wake up to are voice, instrumental and composition sounds.

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