These videos will show you what to do and how to keep sane at home

By Romeo Moran | Graphics by Tricia Guevara

It’s official now—the COVID-19 situation has escalated, and we’re all going through a major lockdown for the next four weeks.

There’s no point fighting it or figuring out ways around it, so for us gym-goers, we’ve got to embrace the fact that we’ll have to maintain our fitness at home. Breaking away from our routines means there will be worries on how to make or even maintain gains, how to do a proper workout at home, and what will happen to our bodies while we’re away from our usual training routines.

Fortunately, our more knowledgeable fitness influencers already foresaw all our questions and prepared for our lockdown situations. Here are three videos you should watch on YouTube to help you take on life under quarantine:


What happens to your body at home

The first concern you might have is what kind of changes you should make when you have to do everything at home? Figuring out how to work out is the easy part, but all the different ways deviating from your routines can affect you is definitely harder.

Natural bodybuilder and personal trainer Jeff Nippard, who bases all his content on science, explains what you have to do and how you should eat at home in his latest video. He assures that any muscle we might lose from less or no training can easily be gained back, plus he throws in home workouts anyone can easily follow with minimal equipment.


For athletes, how should you approach training at home

This video from Triathlon Taren of Team Trainiac might be primarily geared towards triathletes, but at its core are some good insights on how you should restructure your training for your specific athletic needs if you can only train at home. You probably won’t be able to do runs and biking unless you have a treadmill or stationary bike at home—and the whole point is to work on what you can do at this time, even if most events are postponed or canceled at the moment.

The first part of this video covers things and news about COVID-19 that you probably already know, but Taren also shares tips on how to take advantage of sales on gear and other must-haves.


How to get a serious burn going at home

So now you know how you need to adjust when it comes to training and eating at home. Now you want a serious home-based plan you can pull off with stuff you have in the house and totally commit to while waiting for the quarantine to pass. Here’s all you need to survive in the confines of your abode: Jeff Cavaliere’s ultimate home bodyweight workout.

Designed to burn up to an hour of your time, Cavaliere’s workouts, which comprise of two routines you’ll be alternating every other day, will have you doing three long rounds of both upper and lower body plus core movements. All you need are things you already have at home.


With these three videos (which include two workout plans) you’ll have everything you need fitness-wise for your entire time in quarantine. Let it not be said that we weren’t prepared for life at home.

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