These apps will train you to respond rather than react to any stressful situation

By Nicole Ganglani | Art by Tricia Guevara

We are more anxious and stressed out today with fast-paced lifestyles and social media playing a major role in everyday life. But there are certain practices we can adopt to improve our mental well-being and avoid feeling stressed all the time. 

One way is to invest in mindfulness apps that can help us focus more on the present, which in turn can lower our stress levels. A study has proven that meditation and mindfulness both teach us how to respond rather than react to stress or any tough situation. It also helps us control our anxiety and worries. But the best part? It’s something we can easily practice thanks to a number of mobile applications available today.

Through the power of meditation, yoga and exercise, these apps are designed to help us focus and be more purposeful in our actions.



Available for iOS and Android 

Headspace is a meditation app that can help bring balance and peace. It guides us to focus on happier and healthier thoughts and to become less reactive to anxiety triggers through basic meditation tutorials. There are breathing exercise sessions that last for three, five, and 10 minutes, which are also easy to follow. What’s great about this app is that it’s beginner friendly as it guides us to learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. 



Available for iOS and Android 

Calm is the world’s leading meditation app and is known as the most versatile one. It helps us sleep, meditate and relax better through daily calm sessions with the help of seasoned practitioners who show us how to practice living healthier. A standout feature is “calm body”—a series of 10-minute videos about mindful movement and sleep stories designed to lure us into relaxation mode. One other great feature is its nature and peaceful beats (rolling waves, pouring rain, crackling firewood or crickets) we can listen to wherever we go. 


Stop, Breathe & Think 

Available for iOS and Android 

Stop, Breathe & Think is the perfect app to use at the end of each day. Once we start the app, it’ll ask us how our day went and use this information to construct short meditation and yoga practices that can boost our mood and reduce anxiety. In addition, the app also lets us set reminders of daily goals.


Insight Timer

Available for iOS and Android 

Looking for people to meditate with? Try Insight Timer. It’s a social network platform made for meditators around the world, letting its users see how many people are also currently meditating; it also allows us to invite friends to join sessions. The app also has access to a free library where we can read about learning self-love, conquering addictions and reducing anxiety. 


Mind U

Available for iOS

Mind U detects our mood and stress level by asking us to put our finger on our phone’s camera. It briefs us on how to practice calm breathing, simple meditating, mindful living, self-healing and deep sleeping based on our mood. The practices are from experienced meditators around the world who aim to help people live better, regain happiness and improve health. 


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