The best thing about listening to music while working out is that it prevents you from dreading your gym session

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo by Juan Pablo Rodriguez/Unsplash

One way to motivate yourself to get through a workout or even a run is to listen to the right song. Your go-to gym playlist will inspire you to keep going and even save you from boredom. The best thing about listening to music while exercising is that it also keeps your mind out of the pain you’re experiencing.

A study found that if you work out while listening to music with a strong bass, it increases your power or energy. It’s also not a surprise that music with a strong beat helps your movements stay consistent throughout your routine. If you’re looking for more motivation to sweat or drag your body to the gym, here are some playlists that can help: 


Spotify’s Beast Mode


If you’re into hip-hop and R&B, this playlist has a good mix of Travis Scott, Boogie Wit da Hoodie and NAV. Most of the songs in this playlist are all about “getting better” and can unleash the power in you to push yourself harder. Listening to Kendrick Lamar alone will do just that.


Workout Songs 2020

If you’re into pop or a fan of Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jeperson and Dua Lipa, this is the perfect playlist. Listen to this playlist preferably while doing cardio since the fast and frienzied songs increase your heart rate. 


Throwback Workout Playlist

If you still jam to Chris Brown, T-Pain, Usher and Britney Spears, this playlist will make it seem like you’re in a concert. You don’t need to wait for Thursday to listen to the classics, you can bring them with you to the gym to release those endorphins. 


Cool Down

Yes, there’s an actual playlist for what you do before ending your session. After going hard on the weights and getting your heart rate up in the machines, here’s a mix that is soothing and will make you feel good about moving your body that day. 


Motivation Podcast 

Aside from music, you can also motivate yourself by listening to podcasts focused on pep talk for success. If you need advice or even a sense of direction and some positivity, this can provide some enlightenment. The encouraging talks could also translate to how you perform in the gym especially since they’re about hard work and the importance of never giving up. 

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