The best water bottles are the ones you can use practically anywhere

By Nicole Ganglani | lead photo from Klean Kanteen/Facebook

Aside from exercise purposes, it helps to carry a water bottle when commuting or even at work and at home. Not only do you have access to water wherever you go but you also get to save the environment especially with the rise of single-use plastic  constantly damaging our landfills and oceans around the world. One benefit you can get out of investing in the right water bottle is that you’re assured you’re getting water in a day.


Klean Kanteen classic, P1,750

Klean Kanteen is a popular choice for its durable stainless steel construction. Lightweight and easy to use, thanks to its excellent grip shape, I personally like how it doesn’t leave a metallic taste even after using it for a long time. 



Hydro Flask 32 oz, P2,241

Hydro Flask’s travel-friendly bottles are proven to keep beverages hot or cold for 24 hours. It’s one of the most expensive bottles but it’s also a great investment if you’re looking for a stylish bottle with a dose of utility. One of the best things about the flask is that it doesn’t leave lingering flavors from previous fills. 



Hydrapak Stash 750ml, P824.99

The Hydrapak Stash is famous for its collapsibility. When you’re not using it, twist the top and press downwards until it crumples like a hockey puck. When it comes to portability, it doesn’t get much better than this. 



Healthy Human original, P1,450

The Healthy Human also keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours with its specialized vacuum-sealed design. Reviews say that the Healthy Human is perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking or traveling in general. It’s also the cheaper version of the Hydro Flask but with an excellent grip and stainless steel on the inside of the lid.


Brita Fill & Go Active, P999

What makes the Brita Fill & Go Active unique is that it’s a water bottle filter that reduces chlorine but keeps the key minerals. It also has an easy-to-use pullout mouthpiece and a shock resistant squeezable body that makes it durable for sports and everyday use. 



CamelBak Eddy, P730

The CamelBak Eddy is made with a redesigned cap that gives faster flow and enhanced durability. If you like sipping from the straw of your water bottle, this is an ideal choice. It’s also 100 percent free from BPA and has a wide mouth opening making it easy to fill with ice and water and of course when you need to clean the bottle.



Thermos Intak Hydration, P2,079.00

If you want to make sure you get enough water every day, the Thermos Intak will help you do just that. Not only does it help keep track of your water consumption with its integrated rotating meter but it’s also comfortable to hold wherever you go. 



Corkcicle Canteen P1,850

The Corkcicle Canteen has a triple insulation feature that helps keep beverages cold for 25 hours and hot for 12 hours. It’s one of the most stylish bottles crafted with stainless steel. It comes in 14 colors and can also be used for coffee, juice and even wine. 



Eva Solo MyFlavour P3,252

Unlike other bottles, the Eva Solo MyFlavour is made to mix fruits like apples, lemon, and blueberries to your water. It has an attractive metal skewer and is a good stylish outdoorsy bottle you can take wherever you go. 



Coleman FreeFlow Autoseal, P3,559

There is no complete water bottle list without Coleman. Aside from the big jug that students use to take to school or sports, Coleman also has a variety of water bottles. Most of their bottles have a protective spot cover that keeps dirt and germs off your mouthpiece. The Coleman FreeFlow Autoseal for example has a high-flow spout that allows you to drink quickly and keeps liquid cold for 31 hours and hot up to 11 hours. 


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