Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to work out alone

By Nadine Halili | Photo by James Barr/Unsplash

Given the coronavirus crisis, staying home with so much time on our hands remains a privilege for a few. Day 11 into the enhanced community quarantine and people are only getting more creative with how they choose to pass their time. To those who have been spending more time on social media, we bet you’ve encountered new trends and challenges that people do in self-isolation. We’ve heard of online workouts and classes, but people are now getting in on what’s dubbed “See 10, Do 10 Challenge” or “Push-Up Challenge.”

It’s pretty simple. Record yourself doing 10 push-ups and tag your friends to pass on the encouragement. This challenge motivates people at home to work out by starting with simple push-ups. Well, they’re 10 push-ups so that depends on you if that’s actually simple. The challenge has been trending on Instagram and Twitter for the past few days.

Celebrities also gave in to the trend and joined in on the fun. Actor Tom Holland posted a video of himself doing the challenge on his Instagram story and tagged quite a number of people to participate including some of his Marvel castmates.

NBA’s Russell Westbrook mixed it up and did the challenge with his son on his back.

Watching people do the challenge may look easy, but not everyone who gets tagged is as athletic as these people. Jennifer Hudson joined in on the challenge as a good sport, but she didn’t quite pull it off like the others. She amusingly expressed “I’m going to have to call on Jesus for this” and “I can’t do no push-ups.” Luckily, the singer had someone to help her finish the push-ups. 

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