Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal helps users build habits they can easily follow for the long haul

During this period of uncertainty, when health is the priority and typical routines are disrupted, it takes creativity to maintain fitness goals. To add a little spice to at-home workouts, here are some tips and advice from MyFitnessPal blog.


Get daily steps in without leaving the house

Many people don’t necessarily have the time or environment to get outside for a socially distant run or walk. People can still get a good workout from home by following four simple tips: setting a step goal, using a step counter, moving as much as possible and adding bodyweight movements while walking in place.


Indoor workouts have become our new norm

With many gyms and fitness studios around the world forced to close their doors for the foreseeable future, at-home workouts have become our new norm. That means getting creative with commonly found household items in place of barbells, kettlebells, gliders and resistance bands.


Avoid boredom while working out indoors

While the novelty of exercising in a new environment can be exciting at first—maybe even a fun challenge—home and outdoor workouts can quickly get stale. Here are eight tips to help you avoid workout boredom.


Learn to stay grounded indoors

In unstable times like these, staying mindful and grounded is a crucial tool to mental—and physical—well-being. Research has found that breathing impacts one’s feelings.  Learning how to control your breathing and practicing guided meditations, can help you tackle what’s ahead in the present moment.

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