Find inspiration to tone your body at home with these celebrity-approved workouts

By Nadine Halili | Art by Saii Shah | Source photos from Instagram

Most television studios have put their series and programs on hold due to the community quarantine orders. So what are our favorite actors and actresses currently up to? With everyone advised to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, many have thought of different ways to stay active while coping with the enhanced community quarantine. These celebrities took to their Instagram accounts to encourage their followers to stay healthy through exercising at home.


Kim Chiu’s jump rope challenge

On the first day of April, all dressed up in her color-coordinated workout attire, Kim Chiu challenged her followers to jump rope 1,000 times a day. She has been jumping rope for seven days (and took two days off) and is very eager to continue the daily challenge. Why should you follow her lead? Jumping rope is an aerobic exercise that can burn calories equivalent to an eight-mile run. Aside from this, it improves bone density, cardiovascular health, and coordination especially if you practice tricks on it like Chiu. It’s also a convenient workout tool because you can literally take it anywhere.


Solenn Heussaff’s postpartum recovery workout

The actress who recently gave birth to her first child has been recovering during her postpartum period with exercise. Exercise after pregnancy has many benefits, but mothers should take it easy. The body undergoes many changes after giving birth and exercise can help strengthen and tone muscles while also helping women cope with the risk of postnatal depression. Heussaff encourages her followers who are also undergoing postpartum to try these exercises by coach Inigo Hizon but to also listen to their bodies and consult their OBs first.


Gretchen Ho’s makeshift gym

From helping those affected by the enhanced community quarantine to standing for truth and integrity on Twitter, Gretchen Ho shows her strength by using her platform and wit for a good cause. The TV host and volleyball star posted a video of her exercising using different household items as gym equipment. Talk about resourcefulness. This idea can be carried out even after the quarantine period if you want to opt out of a gym subscription.


Kylie Versoza’s yoga routine

This beauty queen clearly shows how she worked hard for her toned body. Just like any DIY workout routine, you have the freedom to choose different options and decide which areas of your body to focus on. 2016’s Miss International shares her appreciation for yoga mixed with other workouts such as HIIT and a treadmill run to get a good stretch while in quarantine. 


“Work out with me” by Pauline Lopez

The taekwondo champion challenged followers to get up and work out with her by sharing her routine on Instagram. With precious SEA Games experience under her belt, martial artist Pauline Lopez isn’t one to shy away from tricks, kicks, or even squats. Sure you probably won’t measure up to an athlete of her caliber but with practice and discipline, learning Lopez’s bodyweight exercises can turn you into a stronger, healthier individual. Her workout routine consists of exercises that purely rely on body weight so you could try this at home especially if you don’t have available equipment. 

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