The Pasig City government is turning its busy streets more bike-friendly

By Nicole Ganglani | Art by Tricia Guevara | Source photo by Coen van den Broek/Unsplash

No, the photo above isn’t taken in Pasig City but it’s an ideal driving the city government when it recently built pop-up bike and sidewalk lanes on key roads of Pasig City. The initiative will encourage people to ride freely along Pasig Mega Market Area, Caruncho Avenue, Pasig City Hall, Amang Rodriguez Avenue and East Bank to Marcos Highway. 


Bike lanes popping up 🙌🏼for bikers + pedestrians + 🐶

Posted by Pasig Transport on Saturday, May 9, 2020



The Pasig City government has long been an advocate of bikes as an essential mode of transportation. Last April, the city government permitted bicycle shops and repair stores to operate amid the metro-wide community quarantine. This was also the same time when the city government utilized bicycles to help healthcare workers travel to work. 



Road markings for bikes promote a safe and friendly space for cycling. These allow citizens to easily practice social distancing since people can stay two-meters apart while in transit. Lastly, it also doesn’t contribute to air pollution, which new research says  has been linked to higher coronavirus deaths. 

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