The Quezon City government is partnering with Move As One Coalition to expand its bike network in the city

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from

To transform Quezon City into a more bike-friendly city, Mayor Joy Belmonte announced on Tuesday, June 2 that the local government will extend its bike lanes to 161 kilometers. This is almost three times longer than the city’s current 55-kilometer bike lane.

Belmonte mentioned that the local government will be setting up more bike routes, barriers, signs, markers and other necessary infrastructure to promote sustainable development, which is part of the major’s 14-point agenda of governance. 

“This was a priority for us even before COVID-19 happened as part of our global commitment to reducing air pollution by 2030, but due to the pressing need for transport during the pandemic, and the bike culture that emerged as a result of this, we are fast-tracking its implementation,” Belmonte shared in a statement on Philippine Information Agency. 

According to Belmonte, the Quezon City government is also partnering with Move As One Coalition (a group of different organizations dedicated in improving the country’s transport system) to plan where to set up the bike lanes in the city while the Parks Development and Administration Department (PDAD) and Task Force on Transportation and Traffic Management (TFTTM) will construct and execute the bike lane network in the coming weeks. 

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