But certain restrictions such as curfews must be followed under GCQ

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo by KAKUDMI/Unsplash

Yes, you no longer need to bring your quarantine pass with you if you plan on running or participating in any non-contact sport around Metro Manila starting today, Jun. 1. 

Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año said yesterday that citizens under general community quarantine don’t need their quarantine pass when they leave their homes for leisure purposes. 

“We do not need a quarantine pass to be allowed to go out of our homes, but this is not ‘unli[mited],’ [such] that anytime [we want to leave], we can do so,” says Año. Curfew hours will still be enforced by the LGUs, which can designate areas where a quarantine pass will be required,” Año said in his statement.

However, Año adds that local government units (LGUs) may still require citizens to have their quarantine pass with them if they live in areas under “critical zone” or “buffer zones.” He also says that certain restrictions such as curfews must also be followed under GCQ. LGUs could also impose total lockdown in barangays if there are more than two cases in seven days.

The  Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF) also came out with a list of sports that you can partake in under GCQ. Aside from running, cycling and jogging, you can now play golf, tennis, badminton, equestrian, skateboard and swim. 

While all sports mentioned above are classified as non-contact sports, you must also follow safety guidelines like wearing a mask and observing social distancing preferably more than two meters during play. 

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