From HIIT workouts to yoga and strength training, here’s a roster of fitness instructors to check out right now

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo by Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

What makes fitness special is that it has a way of bringing people together. I can attest to this because it brought me closer to my colleagues. One reason why I always looked forward to my day job (pre pandemic) was because I bonded with my colleagues over fitness. Aside from our weekly badminton session (which we tried to attend consistently) we also shared some of our workouts for the day, which significantly helped me learn more about fitness in general. It’s also come in handy these days especially since indoor workouts have been the name of the game for the past months. 

Now that we’re all working remotely, I decided to hit them up and ask some of the fitness trainers they’re following right now. Here are their choices: 


Emi Wong

“I follow Emi Wong because she explains a lot of her workouts, which makes them easier for me to understand why I need to go through that pain LOL.  I think her workouts are fit for my lifestyle because her home is small, too so I feel like most of the forms she does, I can do too.” — Nadine Halili, junior content creator


Jeremy Sry

“I follow Jeremy Sry because he’s hot. At the start of quarantine, I watched him transition from gym workouts to indoor workouts and it was interesting to see how he uses sacks of rice as weights.”  — Yel Sayo, junior designer


Gigo de Guzman

“I  look at how an instructor talks, and how he makes things fun and exciting. Gigo’s easy to converse with, really friendly, and motivating. So before, whenever I’d take his classes I remember it being energizing and it really motivated me to workout because I like the personality he adds to his workouts.” — Antonio Samaniego, junior digital associate

Sarah Beth Yoga

“I’ve been doing yoga lately and following Sarah Beth Yoga’s routines on YouTube. She has a really calming voice and the way she explains each pose makes her routines a little easier to follow even without looking at the screen.” — Tricia Guevara, junior designer 



“I do Madfit’s home workouts. It’s super good for beginners like me. I  recommend this especially for those who want to start working out. Her workouts are really apartment friendly and some require just minimal equipment or no equipment at all. She has a routine that will always work for you. I also feel like I’m with her when I’m working out. I like how she would always do a preview of all the exercises that we’ll be doing before we proceed with the actual set.” — Chloe Cartoneros, account executive

Pamela Reif

“Pamela’s routines don’t wear me out as much as others but I still feel the same burn. Does that make sense? I guess with Pamela, the way she laid out her routines are more balanced and beginner friendly compared to the other ones I’ve tried.” — Demicah Bedoya, marketing assistant

Christine Atkins


“I follow Christine Atkins on instagram. I’ve been checking her account every day to see her workouts. They’re basically home routines that everyone can easily follow from the comfort of their own home.” — Mary Erieka Olitres, sales coordinator

Les Mills

“For Les Mills, it’s perfect for people who like HIIT and quick workouts. Their workouts are always super pumped up and you’ll somehow learn moves for self defense as well.” — Dana Calvo, senior designer