Myx VJ and events host Sammantha Alvero on how fitness taught her vital life lessons that influenced her outlook in life

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo courtesy of Samm Alvero

If you think that fitness is simply limited to losing weight or being active in sports, then chances are you are wrong. Fitness is more than just being physically equipped to fulfil a certain role; it’s also an outlet that helps you become the best version of yourself physically and mentally. Just look at Myx VJ and TV events host Sammantha Alvero, who says that fitness has taught her significant life lessons.

“Getting through a tough workout made me feel like I could get through anything I encounter in my life,” says the 23-year-old VJ. 

True enough, Samm (with two m’s as what she’s referred to on television) was never one to back down from a challenge. I know this because she was my batchmate back in high school and to see her blossom into one of the most popular VJs in the country is no shocker. She was always ready to take on any task, which is why fitness is a huge part of her life. At first, she admits that it took her some time to embrace fitness into her daily routine. 

“I really hated [exercising] at first. My mom would force me to go to the gym three to four times a week. I would even make up excuses to my mom and my trainer so I wouldn’t have to work out like having too much school work or diarrhea,” says Alvero.

But as time went by, Samm eventually fell in love with working out. It may have taken a while (and a few more excuses) but thanks to countless hours spent in the gym and in an indoor cycling studio, the idea of exercise eventually became natural. How? By realizing the importance of taking care of her body the right way.

Here’s my conversation with Samm about her fitness journey and how this helped her persevere in life. 


What was your life like before you started working out religiously?

I grew up overweight and obsessed with food, which isn’t bad at all. By the end of first year college, I was almost 200 pounds and I realized that my lifestyle was so unhealthy. At this point, I was just eating whatever, not exercising and eating even more. As someone who was really into dressing up, I was beginning to find it difficult to wear some of the clothes I wanted to wear. I eventually realized that I needed to start caring for my health and my body. 


How did you transition from hating the gym to having exercise become a natural part of your life? 

As I put in the work and really stayed consistent, I fell in love with working out. I guess what really pushed me was the feeling I would get after every workout. The sense of accomplishment and happiness I felt was definitely a high I was always chasing and I couldn’t get it anywhere else. Aside from that, what really pushed me was my goal of being healthier and more active. Exercise became so natural to me that it wasn’t even about losing weight anymore, it was just about taking care of my body and living an active lifestyle. I’m also a competitive person, most especially with myself so that in itself was enough motivation. 


How has fitness changed your outlook in life?

Before fitness, I thought that taking care of myself meant letting myself do whatever I wanted. But when I started working out, I realized that self-care really meant respecting your body. Fitness taught me discipline, balance and somehow it also gave me a great work ethic.

The sense of accomplishment and happiness I felt was definitely a high I was always chasing and I couldn’t get it anywhere else

What are the biggest lessons you learned after you embraced fitness?

One of the biggest things I learned from fitness is, as cliche as it is, is to never to give up. I really enjoy workouts in which I have to push myself and the feeling of accomplishment when I get through one.

It also taught me to listen to my body. As much as I love to workout, there are really some days when my body tells me to rest. Recovery is just as important as the workout. I’ve learned that without proper recovery, I could never perform at the highest level and this is something I get to apply to my work life as well.


Any advice on how one can embrace fitness? 

Once you find a workout that you love, (and for sure there will be  one you will love) that will be the moment that will change your life forever. I think a great motivator would also be finding a community of like-minded people to support you throughout this journey. I was lucky to have friends, family and my community at Electric Studio to always hype me up and keep me focused on my workout goals. When in doubt, always remember that you’re doing this for yourself. It’s not vain to care about your health, it’s actually something that we have to do. Just start and stay consistent.