Despite the significant change in their swim, bike and run routine, these triathletes found ways to make up for their training

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo by Samantha Ong

Ironman professionals August Benedicto, Sam Betten and Dimity Lee Duke are spending their time wisely indoors. Despite the significant change in their swim, bike and run training, these triathletes found ways to make up for their stalled training through different  chores and indoor activities. Here’s what these three professional triathletes shared in the Alaska Ironman press conference last Wednesday, Aug.13. 


Lift heavy indoors

“I didn’t have access to a gym so I just lifted heavy objects around the house,” says Duke, who’s been quarantined in Australia since travel restrictions were implemented. “I know kids don’t enjoy these things but doing chores is good for the body, too,” adds Duke. 

Duke emphasized the importance of moving the body instead of just sitting down all day. House chores like vacuuming the floor, washing the car or even cleaning has worked for her in the past few months as this is what gets her actively moving around her house. The triathlete from Australia suggests kids look for simple activities that will get their blood flowing consistently. 


Clean your house as cardio 

Like Duke, Philippine triathlete Benedicto is focused on getting his cardio consistently indoors. The member of the Philippine triathlon team suggested people can scrub the floor of their house using coconut husk for 30 minutes each day for a full body workout. Benedicto, who currently resides in Germany, also said he’s been helping his local community by harvesting strawberries around his area. 

“It’s harder in the Philippines because of the lockdown but if you have a wide enough backyard maybe you can run laps around it. If you want weights, then you can put a gallon of water in a bottle,” said Benedicto. “I’ve been doing band training since the pools are still closed and the simple activity of mopping the floor will work out your arms,” says Benedicto. 


Adjust your training if you have to 

“It’s definitely a different time and now I’ve been doing a lot of open water swimming since the pools are still closed,” said Australian triathlete Betten. “I go for a run by myself because this is a different time in the world so we’re adapting. Everyone has a responsibility.”

One way triathletes can still train during the lockdown is by adjusting the routine based on the quarantine rules imposed in their corresponding area. For Betten, who currently resides in Australia, social distance running has been his go-to workout these days. Moreover, Betten also emphasized the importance of having a positive mindset. That is, focusing on what we can do right now instead of thinking negatively. “We just have to stay happy and positive,” says Betten.