Triathlon films to watch if you just want some inspiration right now

By Nicole Ganglani | Art by Saii Shah | Photo from Simon Connellan

Triathletes have seen limited action this year. Races have been postponed, training facilities are closed and many are lucky enough to stay home during this unprecedented time. But this doesn’t mean triathletes can’t get better at their sport. Here are some movie and docu recs to inspire watch right now: 


100 Meters

“100 Meters” seems to be a popular choice for many triathletes. It’s a Spanish film based on a true story about a man who deals with multiple sclerosis and was told he would never walk more than 100 meters ever again. However, the triathlete still tried to compete in an Ironman race (3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running.) The question is: can he make it? 

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We Are Triathletes

Missing the rigorous triathlon training? “We Are Triathletes” could help you remember all those good times. It’s a feature-length documentary about six triathletes who aim to compete in the largest and hardest triathlon tournament in the world (24 mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile marathon). They’re six characters with different backgrounds and experience with only one goal in mind—to finish the toughest race of their lives. 

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The Ultimate Triathlon

What’s the longest race you’ve ever done? For Luke Tyburski, the film’s main character, it’s a 200km journey from Morocco to Monaco in 12 days. That includes a 25km swim, 130km bike and 14 consecutive marathons. Tyburski’s race route requires him to swim in the Gibraltar Strait, cycle the entire Southern Spanish coastline and run throughout the south coast of France. Talk about the ultimate triathlon race.

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The Journey

This is probably one of the shortest triathlon films out there (13 minutes!) about how a couch potato became a superstar triathlete. What does it take to swim, bike, run 140.6 miles? “The Journey” will motivate you to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

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The Man with the Halo

Tim Don was set to compete in the World Championships in Kona but was hit by a truck two days before one of the biggest triathlon races in the world unfolded. Don breaks his neck and was given three choices: use a soft brace, get an operation or wear a halo. The documentary is a story about bravery and determination amid adversity—something we all can learn from right now. 

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