Your favorite sports video games just got an upgrade

By Nicole Ganglani | Art by Dana Calvo | Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky/Unsplash

The PlayStation 5 is set for release on Nov. 12, 2020. Aside from its unique new look, the PlayStation 5 will debut a lot of new features like a dual sense charging station, HD camera, pulse 3D wireless headset and media remote. And you know what else is getting a massive upgrade? The new set of games to be released with the PlayStation 5. Here are five sports video games you should look forward to: 


NBA 2K 2021

Arguably the most popular game for sports enthusiasts, NBA 2K21 will upgrade its story mode, career mode and graphics for the PlayStation 5. The game is set to have three covers featuring Damnian Lillard, Zion Williamson and the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Expect the latest NBA 2K to be more aesthetically pleasing and players to look more lifelike. 

FIFA 2021

FIFA 2021 comes in three different editions—FIFA 2021 standard edition, champion edition and ultimate edition. All three have distinct features but expect FIFA 2021 as a whole to improve its gameplay. That means your chosen team will have more agile dribbling, positioning personality and enhanced football fundamentals. You’ll also now be able to team up with a friend in the game’s FUT co-op, make a new football club with a partner and customize your career mode with more in depth features and options. 

Madden 21

Known as the reigning football video game, expect Madden to improve its overall game play as well. Your player of choice will have better moves and tricks in their offensive repertoire and upgraded defensive moves like dive tackling and location-based breakdowns. The game will come in three different versions as well, specifically standard, deluxe and MVP. Expect Madden 21 to also improve its audio, lighting and rendering capabilities. 

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo goes way back since the early PlayStation days. But this time, the game will restore its simulation mode which was removed in Gran Turismo 6. Expect Gran Turismo 7 to have additional racing tracks, vehicles, special events, championships, driving school, turning parts shops and used cars dealership in its new improved game play. The game will maximize the PS5’s dualsense controller, tempest engine and ray tracing hardware for its new 3D spatial audio and enhanced racing effects and design. 

Dirt 5 

You may never have heard about Dirt 5 because it’s an upcoming racing video game set to release in November. The new game is an off-road racing version that includes rallycross, ice racing, stadium super trucks and off-road buggies—something that’s never seen before. You will also be able to play a narrative-focused career mode and experience a four-player splitscreen system when you play a four player mode tournament.