The treadmill has become a popular choice of purchase for fitness enthusiast in 2020

By Nicole Ganglani | Art by Dana Calvo

The home fitness equipment global market reported a growth of US$9.49 billion in 2020. That’s 40.4 percent higher than what it was in 2019, which makes total sense because more people have been working out indoors this year. One cardio machine that has become a popular choice for indoor workouts is the treadmill, which is available in multiple sports and fitness retail stores in the Philippines. if you want to know some of the notable and affordable treadmills in the local fitness market today, here’s a rundown: 


Decathlon’s  Run 100 treadmill 


There’s a variety of treadmill choices on Decathlon’s website right now and their cheapest is the Run 100 model. This treadmill is designed for performance and easy storage (it’s foldable!). The Run 100 has a backlit LCD screen which displays time, distance, speed, pace, calories and heart rate. It’s maximum speed is 14km/h and comes with 30 targeted programmes made by a certified endurance coach. 


Toby’s Sports’ OVICX X3 Plus treadmill 


Toby’s OVICX X3 Plus claims to be a high-quality folding treadmill that will help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s an ideal treadmill for your daily running workouts as it comes with 13 different challenging programs. Its maximum speed is 20km/h and is equipped with a bluetooth device and console control time, speed and its partner app called Fitshow app. 


JB Sports’s GT40s treadmill


Designed for both beginners and professionals, JB Sports’ GT40s treadmill has 12 incline levels, a maximum speed of 16km/h and comes with three user-defined and four manual run programs. The GT40s is designed with mp3 input and 5w speakers, 36 pre-set workouts, body fat test and its own signature series cushioning—a three-zone program tailored to track and improve your walk and run performance.


Chris Sports’s Nordic Track S20


Chris Sports’ Nordic Track S20 treadmill is for regular runners who constantly train and develop their performance. It is partnered with IFIT Live which the brand claims is the most interactive training system in the market. It has a maximum speed of 20 km/h and is built with 24 workout apps targeted for training and performance improvement. 


Lazada’s Sambahayan treadmill 


For beginners or those who want to invest in a simple treadmill, this Sambahayan (as what it’s called) treadmill on Lazada might work for you. It has a speed of 560mm, HD LED display and is a multifunctional fold treadmill. It’s also one of the cheapest treadmills in the market today and is easy to install. Another bonus is that it garnered good reviews on the item’s comment section and allows cash on delivery.