Running, badminton, tennis and table tennis animes to inspire you

Photo by Bruce Tang/Unsplash

There are so many anime series out there, specifically ones that make the most entertaining sports stories. Aside from the GOAT sports anime series “SLAM DUNK” there’s more out there that focus on other sports like running, badminton, tennis and table tennis. With the postponement of this year’s Tokyo Olympics, NCAA and UAAP, you can attempt to make up for all the lost sports action by binging on some entertaining anime series. Here are five sports-themed animes you should hop onto right now: 


Run with the wind

If you’re into heavy drama, “Run with the wind” might just interest you. It’s a story about ace runner Kakeru Kurahara who turned into a university varsity superstar after spending his early days shoplifting. Thanks to his scout Kiyose Haiji who recruited him to join Japan’s most prestigious marathon league, Kurahara is on a mission to become an elite runner. 


Status: 1 season, 23 episodes


Ahiru no Sora

For those who want another sequel to “SLAM DUNK” (because that was a total cliffhanger) “Ahiru no Sora” is one of if not the best basketball anime ongoing right now. Journey with main character Sora Kurumatani who attempts to be a star even if he stands at 4’11. However, because of his passion for the game, Kurumatani was able to make it to his high school basketball club. He says that he attempts to dominate his first high school tournament but will his height hinder him? 


Status: 50 episodes, ongoing


Ping Pong

Expect to hear the phrase “the hero comes, the hero comes, the hero comes” a lot in this anime. “Ping Pong” is about two high school table tennis standouts and childhood friends Peco and Smile as they compete for Katase High School. The two go through different challenges together—Peco wants to quit after losing to a Chinese student while Smile’s personality can’t seem to bring out his game. Watch this anime to know how these two table tennis stars figure out themselves and the sport together. 


Status: 11 episodes



Badminton fans, here’s an anime for you. “Hanebado” is about Ayano Hanesaki who follows her mom’s (Unchika Hanesaki) legendary career. But unlike her mom, Ayano’s badminton career isn’t as smooth as she wants it to be. Ayano caught a cold before an important badminton tournament and subsequently lost which made her stop playing badminton at a competitive level for quite some time. Watch Ayano attempt to overcome her fears as she tries to rekindle  her love of the sport. 

Status: 13 episodes


Hoshiai no Sora

“Hoshiai no Sora” or “Stars Align” in english is about a tennis varsity team that has a losing reputation. It’s so bad that the team already feels hopeless about winning another game. But they eventually find hope after they meet Maki Katsuragi, a student trying to catch a cat in their school. Katsuragi eventually becomes their latest recruit and adds an additional boost to their team. Will this make up for their losing record? You have 12 episodes to find out. 

Status: 12 episodes