Five documentaries to inspire you… to get up 

Photo by KAL VISUALS/Unsplash

Watching documentaries on Netflix has become a luxury for those lucky enough to stay home these days. Netflix, in particular, has a vast array of documentaries that will open your eyes and motivate you to prioritize your health. There are also a couple of moving stories that depict why sports and fitness have the power to change your life—for the better, of course. Here are five fitness documentaries you should watch on Netflix right now.


“Resurface” is a moving documentary about war veterans who learn to surf to combat their PTSD. Set in California, the film deep dives into how surf therapy became a healing exercise. It will make you believe that no injury or challenge is too big for you. Just take it from one of the documentary’s most touching scenes—when a vet who lost both his legs and arm was able to catch his first wave on the ocean. It’s something to watch if you’re going through something you feel you cannot get out of. 


If you’re a big fan of boxing or wrestling, this documentary is a delight to watch. “Fightworld” brings you around the world to explore different kinds of fighting sports, specifically local fight culture, muay thai, lethwei and traditional wrestling. “Fightworld” also explores how fighting empowers and unites people of all genders, cultures, classes and ethnicities. 


“Cheer” is a docu-series about a cheerleading team from Navarro College—a small school located in Corsicana, Texas. Journey with the team as they come up with and train for a two-and-a-half minute dance routine for the National Championship. The National Championship is the toughest tournament the team finds itself in so they must come up with their best routine to have a chance of winning. 

Pedal the world

Journey with cyclist Felix Starck as he goes on a bike retreat for a year for over 11,000 miles to 22 countries. From Germany to  Europe and Turkey, Starck hopes to make it past Southeast Asia, New Zealand and the United States. Watch how he stops by the world’s most famous landmarks and explores different countries throughout his retreat. 


“2,215” is a documentary based on a true story about Thailand rockstar Artiwara Kongmalai ( known as Toon Bodyslam) who took on the challenge of running 2,215-kilometers to raise funds to build 11 public hospitals in Thailand. Kongmalai runs from Betong, Yala district all the way to the North of Thailand. Throughout his long-distance journey, Kongmalai collects money and medical equipment to help several hospitals.