Because you don’t need to invest in any equipment at all to get your groove going

Photo by bruce mars/Unsplash

One of the best things about dance exercises online is that you can do them anywhere. You don’t need to invest in any equipment to get your groove on. And thanks to YouTube, there’s a plethora of dance-inspired workouts you can choose from. Ah, the magic of the internet makes it easier for you to get up from your desk and dance your heart out. If you’re looking for a good cardio dance workout, here are five dances that will boost your mood and get your heart pumping: 


Island vibes cardio dance workout with Raquel “Rocky” Horsford



Raquel Horford’s 30-minute high energy Caribbean-themed dance workout, will get you feeling upbeat and feeling all the good juju. Horford is a great instructor for beginners who will transport you to a Caribbean island as you cardio your heart out. Another bonus for Horford is his proper warm-up and cool-down stretches which adds more durability and flexibility to your exercise routine. 


Hip-hop glutes and core workout with Mike Peele



Another 30-minute choreography-based hip-hop workout but more focused on your core and glutes is by Mike Peele. This routine is for those who have been dancing for quite some time. The choreography involves lots of strength training moves like squats, planks and jumps. Peele’s routine is also capped off with groovy and classic cool-down moves to round out your workout. 


Zumba “booty wurk” workout with Mallory HotMess



If you’re looking for a quick workout, this four minute hip-hop dance routine will get you sweating right away. The workout involves a T-Pain’s classic accompanied with simple and fun dance plus cardio moves you can do anywhere. 


Kukuwa African dance workout



This Kukuwa dance is a 15 minute high intensity and energetic routine that will give you a preview of African culture. The exercise involves Malawi, Mali and Zimbabwe dance moves that will get your heart rate pumping. The Kukuwa dance is pretty self-explanatory— all about fun, fun, fun. 


Dancehall-inspired workout With Fit by Ashley


A 30-minute Jamaican dance-hall themed routine that allows you to do the bare minimum while at the same time gets you sweating. Led by fitness instructor Ashley, expect a lot of arm, shoulder and back exercises in this routine.