When life gets a little too chaotic, you can always turn to meditation

By Dingzeyu Li/Unsplash

You don’t need to sit down for a long period or be an expert to benefit from a meditation practice. There’s a plethora of meditation podcasts and videos available to walk you through the process and help refocus your attention to the present while managing stress. These podcasts are led by experts who tell you what you need to hear and do in the moment when you feel overwhelmed. All you have to do is find the right meditation podcast for you. Here’s where you can start: 


For rookies – The Mindful Minute podcast


Meditating for the first time could be a challenge especially if you’re not used to sitting  quietly. That’s why it’s best for beginners to hop onto podcasts that guide them through the process. There are yoga and meditation instructors like Meryl Arnett of the The Mindful Minute podcast to orient you on the basic process of meditation. Arnett’s podcast has a different theme per episode that will surely help you understand the meditation process a little more. 


For those who don’t have time:The Daily Meditation podcast


For people on the go and feel like they don’t have time to meditate, this eight-minute simple guided meditation practice is for you. Hosted by meditation expert Mary Meckley, the Daily Meditation Podcast guides you through a practice full of different styles and techniques that could calm your mind amid your busy schedule. In eight minutes, Meckley helps you focus better, manage stress and clear your mind. 


For those who want to sleep better: Sleep Whispers podcast

If you can’t seem to get to sleep right away when you head to bed, try the Sleep Whispers podcast. Each episode features a 30 to 40 minute guide to help you fall asleep faster. Episodes include interesting stories and poems to help clear your mind, relax and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. 


For those who want to relieve stress: Mindful meditation podcast

One of the reasons why we experience stress is because we’re in a situation we cannot control. There might be no answer at times but meditation may help you approach the situation more calmly and with a clearer mind. One podcast to turn to when stressed is Mindful Meditation podcast—an exercise that will help you process information while relaxing your mind. Each episode aims to train your mind to think more sharply and help you feel less overwhelmed. 

For those who want to ease their anxiety: Happy Mind guided podcast

The Happy Mind podcast trains your mind to remember who you are and helps you just live in the moment. With itss Wu Wei approach, this podcast helps listeners feel more energetic, mentally sharp, joyful and mindful. It’s a podcast suited for everyone as instructors guide listeners to overcome negative thoughts and stress that likely causes anxiety.