Podcasts about training tips and stories about the legacy of triathletes

Photo by Juja Han/Unsplash

Because triathlon training and races have been limited or outright canceled this year, one good way to stay close to the sport is through podcasts. Now more than ever is the best time to study the sport and get some insight from triathletes (professional or not) around the world. From training tips to stories about the legacy of triathletes, here are five triathlon podcasts to listen to right now.


That triathlon show




Led by Mikael Eriksson, “The Triathlon Show” aims to give listeners practical and actionable advice in their own triathlon training. This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn tactics and strategies for training and actual competitions. Each episode features some of the most experienced people in triathlon and endurance sports.

Triathlon Taren podcast



The “Triathlon Taren Podcast” with Taren and No Triathlon Kim (NTK) gives  updates on the latest news in the triathlon world. The show also features professional triathletes, age groupers and heavy hitters who share some of their most memorable experiences as triathletes.



Tri Swim Coach Triathlon Swimming Podcast


Get professional tips and advice to improve your swim leg by listening to “Tri Swim Coach Triathlon Swimming Podcast.” The podcast is led by tri swim coach and distinguished Ironman professional Kevin Koskella, who has 27 years of swimming experience. Here, Koskella shares his personal stories and adventures as a topnotch  swimmer and triathlete.


Humans of triathlon



“Humans of Triathlon” chronicles the experiences of  three different triathletes from different countries, age groups and backgrounds, highlighting the diversity of the sport. The podcast aims to celebrate, inspire and unite triathletes from around the world by narrating their stories and passion for the grueling sport.


The Kona Edge 



Have you ever dreamt about competing in the Ironman world championships in Hawaii? This segment takes you on a journey towards that dream. “The Kona” Edge” dives deep into the Kona experience and how every triathlete can live that dream through stories and advice from those who actually competed in what is touted as one of the toughest triathlons in the world. If you need motivation to work harder for your goals or if you actually have plans of competing in the world championships one day, this podcast is for you.