See some of the world’s oddest bike designs. (Note: They actually work)

By Catherine Orda | Lead photo by  Alexey Lin /Unsplash
1. Twin Tri-Rider Tandem Bike

This tandem tricycle by Belize Bike also comes with a handy basket.


2. The 1960 Spacelander

This 1960 edition of the futuristic bicycle created by British industrial designer  Benjamin Bowden was inspired by the 1957-1975 Space Race.


3. The Di-Cycle

This bicycle is designed specifically to run in the Dutch city of Helmond.


4. The Hyperbike

This bike, designed by New York State outfit Body Rite Ltd., involves straps and can apparently run up to 50 mph.


5. Square-Wheeled Bicycle

This bike can only run on special roads.


6. “ThisWay” Commuter Bicycle

A roofed bike designed by Torkel Dohmens.


7. Nulla Minimalist Bike

The name of this spokeless bike designed by  Bradford Waugh says a lot about its minimalist features: the word nulla is one way of saying “nothing” in Italian.

8. Two-Direction Bike

Pictured here are participants in the Moscow bike festival, Velobulvar.


9. Shoe-Tired bike

Biker Zeb Thomas in the Tour de Fat bicycle parade in San Francisco.


10. Water Bicycle

What makes this bike run is a propeller attached to two inflatable pontoons.


11. The Sideways Bike

Designed by the inventor Michael Killian, this bike requires you to sit sidesaddle and travel sideways. It has both front and rear steering.


12. Sofa Bike

Designed by  Jasec Holubowicz, this is the perfect ride for when you’re feeling like a couch potato.


13. Hover Bike

This bike’s designer Chris Malloy, claims that his invention can reach up to 10,000 feet


14. Florian Hausworth’s Lawnmower Bike

The name explains everything.


15. Electric Bike

This battery-supported electric bike comes with a charging dock for your laptop.

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