There are specific commandments that streamers must know before getting started

By Nicole Ganglani | Lead photo by Saii Shah | Source photo from EVG Photos/Pexels

Like any other professional sport, esports or online gaming has its own set of rules. In Twitch, the world’s leading live stream platform for gamers, there are commandments that streamers can be very particular about. The platform isn’t the most user-friendly out there, which is why it’s important for people to first learn its rules and etiquette before they showcase their gaming skills to the world. 


What streamers should do 

Twitch always emphasizes that the platform is more than just a competition—it’s also a community where gamers unite. The most important rule for streamers is to respect one another and their communities in order to create sustainable partnerships and camaraderie in the community. To achieve this, streamers must do the following: 


Make an effort to connect with the community

In order to form a bond with the gaming community, streamers must make an effort to engage in other people’s streaming services as well. Streamers must look for other channels that also churn the same content as them and are advised to be friendly and collaborate. 


Take time recognize all viewers

A lot of streamers tend to only acknowledge their subscribers or partners, making other viewers feel unwelcome. For streamers to grow their channel, they must also take the time to get to know new viewers and embrace the growing community of gaming. 


Let all viewers feel comfortable 

One way streamers can get to know their new viewers or the community is to take the time to chat with them. Normally, streamers set up human moderators who can guide new viewers while the streamers are occupied with a game. It’s also best for streamers to look into their chats once in a while to make sure there are no spammers and mischief-makers.


Update the panels on their profile 

Streamers can update the panels on their profile about their gaming schedule, social media pages and their tip jar (where people support their stream) for their audience to get to know them and their channels. It’s also a bonus if the streamer makes an effort to design their panel. 


Invest in a bot

Beginners on Twitch normally don’t immediately garner many subscribers or friends who can look out for their profiles. So It’s best for streamers to invest in a bot who can moderate their profiles by watching their viewers’ behavior. Some bots streamers usually utilize are Streamlabs, Nightbot, Mootbot, Muxy and Chatbot. 


What streamers shouldn’t do 

Twitch streamer and avid watcher Tanya DePass conducted a survey in 2016 on why users unfollow streamers on the platform. Majority of the respondents said that the reason why they unfollow streamers is because the streamer may have done something offensive or were boring. This proves that streamers must carry their name well on the platform and follow the right behavior. Here’s what streamers should avoid doing:


Promote their streams in other channels

This is like crashing someone else’s birthday and pretending to be the celebrant. It’s also become a huge issue for streamers over the past years. Streamers must respect other broadcasters’ streams and support them wholeheartedly. 


Assume that all viewers are men

Not all gamers are men. In fact, some of the best streamers in the world are female, non-binary and agender (KittyPlaysGames, DingleDerper and LegendaryLea). Streamers must respect everyone. 


Avoid being arrogant

Viewers don’t like streamers who are arrogant and conceited especially if they come to the broadcaster’s profile to learn and have a good time. It’s best to be friendly and easy-going to all viewers. 


Avoid speaking poorly about other streamers

Speaking poorly about other broadcasters damages their reputation. Viewers tend to get turned off by people who take the competition personally and act as if they’re the best in the platform when they’re probably not. 

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