How do you know when you’re ready to race a triathlon? 

By RV Merano | Photo by Jorge Romero/Unsplash

Have you been swimming, biking, or running for quite some time then suddenly feel like it has become monotonous? Do you have friends who are so focused on their training because they are getting ready for a big race? Has anyone ever told you that you should join a triathlon because they believe you’re capable of doing it? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you just might be ready to tri.

How do you know if you’re ready to join your first triathlon race? Here are seven indications that you really are ready.

  1. You’ve been swimming, biking, and running regularly and you want to put your multisport skills to good use by signing up for your first triathlon and setting your first personal best.
  1. Exercise has become part of your daily routine and you can’t get it out of your system anymore. This means you’re ready to allot a good amount of time to train for your first big race.
  1. You’ve embraced the active lifestyle and you want to venture into triathlon because it’s another way to stay fit and maintain your fitness level.
  1. You’ve done your homework and took the time to gain enough knowledge about where to buy good deals for the sport, where to get your bike tuned up, and even build connections that will help sustain the triathlon lifestyle.
  1. You get more and more convinced each time a friend suggests that you take the plunge and finally sign up for your first triathlon race.
  1. You can imagine yourself being able to race and finish your first triathlon. Although it might be quite a stretch from what you’re used to, you are now starting to realize that you are perfectly capable of earning the right to be called a triathlete.
  1. You have dreams about crossing that huge “Finish” arc, making you an official finisher of your first triathlon.

Have you ticked most of the items on the list? If you have, maybe it’s about time you gave it a tri. Make it happen and turn your triathlon dreams into a reality.

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