Ten moments the British tennis star showed he’s the ultimate male feminist

By Ea Francisco | Photo from Instagram

Defending Wimbledon champion Andy Murray suffered a shock defeat to American Sam Querrey but he’s still a winner in our books—for actively calling out sexism in the sport. At the post-match press conference, Murray, who’s gained a reputation for actively promoting female equality, corrected a journalist for their “casual sexism.”


In fact, as NBC notes, there have been numerous American female tennis players who have advanced to major tennis semifinals. Ever heard of someone named Williams?

This wouldn’t be the first time that a reporter forgot about female players, but thankfully Murray is always there to remind them. Here’s a rundown of our favorite Murray moments that prove the British number one is the feminist icon we all need.

Like the time he had to remind a reporter of the achievements of female tennis players.


That time when he defended his new coach Amélie Mauresmo.

And the time he called out critics for their double standards about having a female coach


“I could lose in the first round and it certainly wouldn’t be her fault,” he said before a Wimbledon match in 2015.

Andy Murray and Amelie Mauresco

Or all the other times he has proved that women can be capable coaches, too.


Let’s not forget the times where he acknowledged all the women in his life that helped him get here.


The time he called for more women tournaments to be featured.


When he fired back at Novak Djokovic for saying that male players deserve more pay because they have more viewers and ticket sales.


“There should be equal pay, 100 percent, at all combined events” he says in an interview in Miami.

“Men’s tennis has been lucky over the last nine or 10 years with the players they’ve had, the rivalries which have come out of that. That’s great but the whole of tennis should capitalize on that–not just the men’s game. I have no idea of the meetings that go on and the discussions which are had. The Slams are probably less complicated to figure out.”

There’s also that time when he called out BBC for not putting Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s gold win on their homepage.

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