Bowls that burn fat and boost metabolism do exist

By Eric Nicole Salta | Photos by Nicco Santos

Turns out, you can reimagine the already healthy Hawaiian dish into something more nutritious, filling, and, well, transformative. Just ask the team behind Poke Poke, one of the first Hawaiian/Asian fusion restaurant to bring the centuries-old, cubed raw fish trend to Manila.

Hot on the heels of their latest branch in SM Megamall is their line of sexy bowls, a tribute to “customers who were more health-conscious than most but had a difficult time creating their own bowls,” says co-owner Alta Lyttle. 

Fat Flush

The three new bowls are the result of a collaboration with a health coach meant to provide specific health benefits and because each is aptly named, Poke Poke’s noble aim isn’t lost in translation.

There’s Fat Flush composed of pan-seared salmon on a bed of fresh, mixed greens and topped with ripe mango, cucumber, pickled ginger, and seaweed. The full-flavored Endurance Sexy Bowl is kept fuss-free and fresh despite the bell peppers, fried garlic, and cucumber sharing space with tuna drizzled with sesame oil and a special dressing. A metabolic booster bowl that features tuna and pomelo rounds out the line.

Endurance Booster 

“If you want to go a size down, opt for Fat Flush; if you’re undertaking heavy physical activities, and then order the Endurance Booster.” Tuna and salmon build the protein base of the bowls for obvious nutritious reasons and then some. “They’re both rich in omega-3 and good fats, high-protein but relatively low-calorie and packed with other vitamins and minerals as well. Plus, they taste better than a sad piece of steamed chicken!” says Lyttle.

Poke bowls are also beautiful to look at and that comes through in the new line, creating opportunities for healthier choices—though color and Instagram-worthiness might not be the best criteria for healthy eating.

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