Lunad Sa Balod means riding the Wave. It is a national surfing competition and music festival done annually every third week of October since 2015 alongside Sorsogon’s Kasanggayahan Festival. It is one of the projects of the Gubat Sorsogon Surfriders Association, Inc.

With Lunad sa Balod, the best Filipino surfers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao show off the potential of Filipino surfing. The event assembles an all-star team with top-of-the-line organizers, judges, and technical staff. The goal is to provide a venue for athletic excellence while promoting camaraderie and unity in the Filipino surfing community.

Lunad Sa Balod works hand in hand with the local and provincial government in promoting Sorsogon as a premiere surfing destination in the south. Long stretches of white sand beaches and consistent waves make Gubat a perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts, beach lovers, and surfers alike.

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