Blake Griffin is here to show everyone that it’s not yet time to let the old ways die

By Klyde Manansala | Photo from NBA

Three games in, and Blake Griffin had already sealed his best performance of the season after posting a career-high 50 points, emphasized by a game winner, to send the Philadelphia 76ers crashing back down to earth, 133-132 in overtime yesterday.

To see Detroit Pistons propelling a commanding 3-0 season start is an absolutely peculiar picture for everybody, fan or not. While we can’t expect Griffin to deliver 50 on a nightly basis, we can assume as early as now that the Pistons can possibly sneak their way back into the playoff hunt as long as everybody, especially Griffin, stays healthy throughout the year.

The Pistons can be a force to reckon with, if and only if there will be a stretch of games where Griffin and his dynamic partner Andre Drummond play with enough force, confidence, and skill to the point in which everybody goes “Wow. This Pistons team is a legitimate problem for the East contenders.”

“Griffin is back and he’s here to prove that it’s not yet time to let the old ways die

Griffin averaged 19.8 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game for the Motor City last season after the Los Angeles Clippers sent him away. Those numbers are essential, but he wasn’t all of the things that Detroit fans were expecting him to be when he came over. The Detroit Griffin last season was a far cry from what he used to be during his tenure with the Clippers. Maybe injuries became a factor. At times, he’d look like he didn’t feel comfortable playing alongside Drummond.

But the good thing is, all of these are behind him now. Griffin is back and he’s here to prove that it’s not yet time to let the old ways die. He just dunked over Joel Embiid. He also fished a foul via a lay-up to ice the victory. In the span of three games, Griffin is already averaging 33.3 points for the Pistons. And as early as now, the five-time all star is drawing MVP chants at Little Caesars Arena.

Undoubtedly, Griffin is the new franchise cornerstone of the Pistons so long as injuries don’t fuck up everything. The Pistons just signed reigning Coach of the Year Dwayne Casey during the offseason while point guard Reggie Jackson certainly blends in well with the twin towers. All they have to do is work as a team—simple as that. Throw lobs, defend well, nail threes, and before they know it, they’re already on the verge of making the playoffs once again.

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