Carmelo Anthony still has a lot left in the tank

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from and Inquirer Sports | Art by Tricia Guevara

Just three months ago, Carmelo Anthony was an unsigned free agent. It seemed as if no team in the NBA wanted to give the 35-year-old a shot to close his remarkable career. Majority thought that Anthony was no longer an asset and certainly not worth wasting money on, and so the 10-time NBA all-star spent more than a year on the sidelines waiting for a team to give him a shot. 

The waiting game continued for Anthony until mid-November when the Portland Trail Blazers decided to sign the forward for a one-year non-guaranteed deal. The Blazers are easily considered a mediocre team especially when you consider the tougher and more competitive teams that are also  part of the western conference. The best part about this deal is that both desperately need each other; it was the perfect opportunity for Anthony to prove himself once again. 

The Blazers currently stand at the 10th seed and within striking distance to make it to the playoffs. It could be a lot worse especially since RIP city lost Zach Collins to a shoulder injury in November, Rodney Hood to an Achilles injury, and Jusuf Nurkic to a horrific leg fracture last season. It hasn’t really been easy for Portland but their past experiences are what’s keeping them going. The Blazers have made it to the playoffs for the past six years and with the help of Damian Lilard and now Carmelo Anthony, they at least have a shot to make it seven in a row. 

As for Anthony, his comeback with the Blazers made the world realize that the NBA truly overlooked  the future Hall-of-Famer and the fact that he still has something left in the tank. The mid range assassin is currently averaging 16 points and six rebounds a game. Last Dec. 2, Anthony was awarded the Western Conference Player of the Week after averaging 22 points, seven rebounds and two assists, and leading the Blazers to three straight wins. He’s also had a number of highlights and big time plays, including the game winner versus the defending champions Toronto Raptors last Jan. 8. Here are some of those highlights:


Melo Calls Game

Looking Like His Old Self


Scoring 10 Points in his Debut

Anthony may have looked rusty in his first few games but his first shots as a Blazer back in November was like a flashback to his days as a scoring machine.


Melo’d Out

It’s Good to Have Melo Back

Anthony’s comeback with the Blazers continues to boost his career—the same career multiple teams once thought no longer had any use in the NBA. He’s maximizing the opportunity to fill in the Blazers’ frontcourt and at the same time  rebuilding his career. Although the Blazers’ playoff chances still remain uncertain, Carmelo Anthony’s return gives them a lot of hope. Really, the best part about this comeback season is that it completely turned his career narrative around, and now he has the chance to rewrite his legacy and leave the game on his own terms. What a comeback. What a career. 

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