Elisha Nochomovit ran 42 kilometers back and forth and finished in six hours

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from Elisha Nochomovit/Facebook

Elisha Nochomovitz, a marathoner from a suburb of Toulouse in France, ran 42.2 kilometers back and forth on his seven-meter balcony and finished the marathon in six hours and 48 minutes. 

According to Nochomovitz, this challenge is dedicated to the medical practitioners who continue to serve the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. Nochomovitz also hopes to launch this challenge to marathoners around the world in hopes to bring positive energy in the middle of the global crisis. 

“It was about launching a bit of a crazy challenge and bringing a bit of humor, to de-dramatize the confinement situation,” says Nochomovitz.

“The instructions were to stay home, that’s what I did. Just to show you that we have no excuses, and please think of all those caregivers who are on the front line in the face of this virus,” he adds.

During times of uncertainty, fitness enthusiasts like Nochomovitz have used platforms like social media to advocate for people to focus on public health. Focusing on health and nutrition is important now more than ever. Nochomovitz described this achievement as both a mental and physical challenge—a tribute to key workers in our society today.

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