Hoops” is a story about a morbid coach trying to turn a horrible team around

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from Netflix

There aren’t a lot of sports animated series on Netflix but here’s one about a twisted, angry basketball coach who makes coach Carter (an iconic authoritative basketball coach) look like an angel. 

“Hoops” is about coach Ben Hopkins (Jake Johnson) who’s on a mission to turn a horrible Kentucky-based high school basketball team (the Lenwood Colts) into a championship caliber group. Hopkins could lose his job if the team doesn’t start winning under his supervision. But Hopkins is also desperate to build a winning culture as he is also eyeing to land a coaching job with the Chicago Bulls. 



How does coach Hopkins deal with this pressure? By completely avoiding professionalism, paying for his players’ porn subscription and cursing referees on a daily basis. Hopkins is a terrible and foul-mouthed coach if you think about it, but he’s also the same guy that recruited seven feet tall junior student Matty (A.D. Miles) to save the Colts. 



Hopkins doesn’t want to be a nobody. He wants to blaze his own trail as an accomplished coach instead of working for his dad. But the way he goes about is a tad inappropriate and would get him fired in any high school team(in the Philippines, at least). He attempts to leave a legacy by being the most morbid and inappropriate coach the world has ever seen.

Will he be able to lead an inferior team to a championship? 

Season one of “Hoops” consists of 10 episodes.