And avoid getting duped

By Rikki Suarez | Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven/Unsplash

The most ironic question in Bikelandia, and which concerns quite a number of cycling and multisport enthusiasts, is setting up a relatively affordable but race-worthy road or triathlon bike.

Race worthiness is often, although not always, associated with lightness or aerodynamics. Normally, these two features command a high price. So how can a high-tech bike be affordable? When it’s pre-owned yet still in decent working condition.

Aside from going through the traditional route of scouring bike shops in Cartimar, Quiapo, and Pasong Tamo, online searching is a more convenient and practical approach. But is it safe? This is, by far, the most pressing fear of those going on the internet. Do we really have the means to ensure safety in our mission to find an honest-to-goodness deal?

Given that there is no possible means to screen every seller even if site administrators want to, there is no foolproof way to ensure buyer safety.  To increase your chances of getting a good deal though, start by choosing the most well-managed sites and pages.

In Facebook page terms, this is reflected in the number of members of a group page or likes for a fan page. Page popularity increases in direct proportion with a good record of accomplishment maintained over the years. A healthy membership or fan base indicates an ideal number of sellers competing for the same market and, correspondingly, products sold daily, thereby keeping the prices within a reasonable range. Here are some the most well-visited pages:

Road Bike or Triathlon/Time Trial Bike Exclusive Buy-and-Sell Facebook Group Pages

Road Bike Pilipinas – This is by far the biggest road bike group in the country with over 104,000 members. Quite a number of these members post a sundry of items for sale. Ironically, site administrator Adrian Florendo opted not to turn it into a buy-and-sell platform and keep it as he originally intended to be: a group for road bike enthusiasts. Based on personal experience, I found the Adrian to be very approachable and willing to extend any assistance when needed

Road Bike Parts – Another bike group worth checking out is Road Bike Parts, with more than 63,000 members. Group admin and creator Bong Cancejo, Jr. is himself a bike and bike parts and accessories seller so expect a good number of competitively priced brand new items from him.

Non-Exclusive Buy-And-Sell Facebook Group Pages

Bike Tiangge – With over 300,000 members and four admins, this group page is the biggest of them all. This site aims to “promote camaraderie, goodwill, and friendship among bikers” above buying and selling items.

Buy and Sell Bike and Bike Parts Ph – Expect the active 44,000+ members to be your source of either great deal or great competition. But then again, that’s how the market operates. Use it to your best advantage by being vigilant and reactive in your dealings.

Best Buy for Cyclists – BBC – One of the admins here, Arvin Lasala, is a friend from the running community who recently preoccupies himself with mountain biking. He shared with me that this page was an offshoot of Batangas Bike Club’s (BBC) decision to keep their group page free of buy-and-sell posts.