Lebron James and Anthony Davis are finally going to suit up for the same team next season

By Nicole Ganglani | Lead photo from Inquirer Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally acquired all-star big man Anthony Davis in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks in this year’s draft. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Davis also intends to sign a new deal to remain with the Lakers once he becomes eligible for free agency in 2020.

A Trade for a Championship

This is perhaps the best offseason move the Lakers could make. Davis’ arrival in LA restores the team’s championship hopes—not to mention another All-Star to play alongside Lebron James. With Davis finally in the mix, the Lakers are now primed to return to the NBA’s upper echelons.

Over the past few years, Davis has solidified himself as one of the best All-Stars in the league. However, the Pelicans did not have enough talent within the team to help their big man strive, making Davis’ early career a story of wasted youth. Now, with LeBron by his side and suiting up for arguably the most storied franchise in NBA history, Davis has got everything he wanted.

The Lebron and AD Duo

Davis has never played with a superstar like Lebron before in terms of skills and leadership. His ability to run the floor, his profound IQ, and exceptional passing will do wonders for Davis and give the 26-year-old the chance to unleash a few skills he has yet to solidify like his three-point shooting.

For the Lakers, this trade is a blessing in disguise despite all the talent they had to give up. The team managed to hold on to Kyle Kuzma—who is arguably their team’s best young star. Now that the Lakers have two of the top five best players in the league, suffice it to say that they’ve come full circle after hitting rock bottom last season.

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